Program Dates:
JAN 15 – FEB 23, 2024


Training Courses

6-Week Hands On Technical Courses


Air Conditioning


Small Engine Mechanics

Automotive Mechanics


Trade Skills

Teaching employable trades skills to unemployed/underemployed in a condensed, affordable, and accessible hands on training model.

Life Skills

Life Skills

Teaching applicable life skills more successfully using trades training.



Teach principles of faith to find purpose and meaning in life


The main campus located just outside Belmopan Belize

Additional facilities for office/bookkeeping located in theBelmopan area

T4L Student Testimonials

This is not a Bible school.  But we understand that by relying on the Bible as a textbook, we can find the principles that will give young people lives of purpose as they serve their families and communities in the trades of their choice.

- Steve Troyer

Teaching Trades
Building Leaders 

We believe the broad training approach of Trade Skills, Life and Leadership, and Faith will develop young people into highly employable tradespersons who are leaders in work, business, family, and community. They will be anchored in a Biblical view of the world around them. The training and mentoring that begins during schooling will provide a sustainable basis for a healthy life and community long after graduation.

Trades 4 Life provides an opportunity for students to learn trade and life skills that increase their potential for employment or starting their own business.  

T4L offers an opportunity for instructors who have extensive experience and recognition in their primary trade to give back in a instructing and mentoring role. 

T4L News

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New Office Admin & Accounting Programs

We are excited to announce our first training workshop for women! Pre-register now!

Graduation Ceremony 2020

Well, Trades4Life 2020 came to an exciting finish on Friday with the graduation ceremony for 35 amazing young men. Please pray with us that they will embrace the changes they have discovered, and hold fast to the promises of the Lord as they pursue a new beginning.

Building Success

Success is the building that we see above ground. What we don't see is the foundation of that building - the piles and pillars supporting it. All the sacrifices and effort that is behind that success.

To be successful you must build the foundation with hard work and sacrifices.

Do you want to prepare your future with us?

Trades 4 Life has been developed for young people to be taught by skilled mentors, so they can live purposeful lives supporting others.

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